Toyota 4Runner kicking ass

My wife owns a 2014 Toyota 4Runner that she has had for several years.  She is the second owner and loves her 2014 4Runner.  She had a 2010 Toyota 4Runner and was in a bad accident and she believes as well as I believe that she survived that accident without even a scratch because of how well built the 4Runner is.

My wife was pulling out of the bank parking lot.  She stopped and was trying to turn left but the traffic was backed up due to many people waiting to turn left into a school parking lot.  Someone stopped to let my wife out.  She looked left, no one was coming and then she looked right and she had a moment where no cars were coming so she could proceed to pull out and turn left so she started to accelerate and BAM!!!  some ass hat in his late 90’s chevy truck was trying to pass all the cars waiting patietly in line to turn left and when my wife pulled out he hit her good.

From the pictures you can see the brown school building in the background.

After he hit her it spun her 2010 4Runner around and she rolled to the lowest part of the parking lot since she had no brakes.  All parties were fine but the police officers found my wife at fault for pulling out in front of him which I personally feel is a load of crap.  I thought there was a law about speeding in a school zone or passing on the right but no, apparently the law is, you can’t make a left turn.

ANY WHO..  we had to replace her four runner with another vehicle since the insurance company labeled her 4runner as totaled.

She tried several vehicles and nothing was what she felt comfortable in, which was a 4Runner but they are so expensive, even used but I found a way to sell some of my toys and old DJ equipment and got her into this 2014 Toyota 4Runner.  Here are pictures of it after 100,000 miles and it still drives like new, looks like new and has been such a great vehicle for my wife and our family.  I highly recommend the Toyota 4Runner for you and your life adventures that you go on with or without your family.

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