What car would I buy in 2024?

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Built in What Country?

Here is a tip: if you look at the first digit of a car’s VIN, you can identify which country it comes from. If the VIN starts with the letter “J”, it was made in Japan in the vast majority of cases. If the VIN starts with 1, 3, 4, or 5, it’s made in the USA. If the VIN starts with 2, it’s from Canada. 3 if it’s from Mexico

You need to first identify what you want from your vehicle. Some want a sporty vehicle they can use to collect speeding tickets with. Others would like a monster truck that they can haul groceries with and jump fueling station to fueling station. Then you have the people that want the latest technology.. you know the person that has to buy the newest iPhone, newest and largest TV.. they are more then likely an electric vehicle driver. After you hit a certain age you just want reliable vehicle especially now a days vehicles are not made very well when built in certain countries.

This post is going to be about the most reliable vehicles that I would purchase so as you read this post you will be seeing my logic on how I come up with this list.

You could look at websites (like this one) but many are biased in favor of what they drive or like or what manufacturer gave them the most money for the article. I don’t receive any money for these posts and do it mostly because I have friends and family that will be purchasing a vehicle in 2024.

Talking Brands

Business Insider says…

  • Consumer Reports released its annual ranking of most reliable cars and brands. 
  • Toyota and Lexus top the list.
  • Not a single American company ranked in the top 10. 

NBC SanDiego says…

“Lexus and Toyota took the top spots for brand reliability this year, followed by Mini, Acura, Honda, and Subaru.”


Based on the majority of reports you’ll find Toyota & Lexus (which are the same company) are typically found at the top of the list. Does this mean they are the most reliable vehicles? In my mind it means Toyota is doing a great job at making quality vehicles that are built to last. Does that mean to go buy a Toyota or Lexus? Not necessarily since no car brand is perfect. My biggest gripe with Toyota is the Infotainment system is down right awful. Not the worse but its not good. Its probably on par with the silly Microsoft Sync Infotainment systems that were making there way into vehicles which has just about ceased. You find fewer and fewer vehicles with the horrible Microsoft Sync system.

Who makes the best Infotainment system?

By far the Ram using the Linux backend is one of the smoothest and fastest and very reliable Infotainment Systems in the 8″ displays. I can not speak to the monster full tablet screen. I personally wouldn’t want to rely on controlling everything in my vehicle with a touch screen. I like quick access to knobs or buttons for heat controls especially but you think about it. All electric vehicles use only screens for everything. This seems like a horrible idea.

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