Work for free Camping

Camping can get expensive fast especially if you are like me and plan on traveling to every state when I retire (hopefully).

A way I found to save some money is to utilize the work kamper program that many parks participate in, especially KOA parks.

So how does it work?

Some parks require a membership like KOA but other parks that participate in work kamper do not require any membership and its completely free.

Typical positions include campground hosts, RV park groundskeeping & maintenance, housekeeping, reservations & office work for campgrounds and RV parks looking to hire great people.

But when you begin your research, you’ll see that the opportunities available are varied throughout multiple industries and offer a variety of compensation packages (usually including an RV site).

So, whether you’re a retiree who loves volunteering in campgrounds across the country, an RVer looking for income on the road, a young adult looking for a seasonal gig or just about everything in-between, these programs could really benefit you greatly.

Some links to check out are as follows

Memberships Required

NO Memberships Required (Free)

Drive safe and enjoy every day like it could be your last…  life is too short to spend it on the couch.

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