XDA Once Again Dominates the Weather

XDA Once Again Dominates the Weather

XDA showcased stellar performance numbers at the 6th annual Superbike Showdown held at Maryland International Raceway.

Despite the weather’s attempt to disrupt the event this past weekend at MIR, XDA emerged victorious once again. The forecast hinted at a potential rainout on Sunday, but the XDA racers had confidence in Jason and Chris Miller’s proactive system, which had been developed years ago. XDA racers know that there will always be winners regardless of the challenges.

The Saturday program was revised with reduced qualifiers and a modified schedule to ensure the race could be completed by Saturday night. XDA racers hustled to keep the program on track, wrapping up around 12:30 am and crowning winners in all classes.

With over 400 entries in the shortened race, the Pro’s delivered incredible record-breaking performances, while the sportsman racers kept the show brimming with top-tier competitive bracket and index racing.

Orient Express Racing Pro Street

Winner – Rodney Williford

Runner-up – Mark Rendeluk

The Orient Express Racing Pro Street racers didn’t let the forecasted heat slow them down, as twenty-four bikes were primed and ready for action. Mark Rendeluk secured the number one qualifying position with a blazing 6.452 at 243.29 mph, setting himself up for another path to the final.

Rodney Williford faced a setback, missing Friday and only getting one qualifying pass, which placed him in the seventh spot with a 6.653. However, this did not hinder his performance when it mattered most.

The Orient Express Racing Pro Street class welcomed three new riders to the fold. Travis wood, Dale Leeks and Mark Godin both made their XDA competition debuts. Leeks posted a best time of 7.250, while Godin broke into the six-second zone with a 6.995, clinching the B Class win in an impressive first showing.

Travis Wood also made a strong entrance, clocking a 6.856 in qualifying and securing a first-round win over Justin Shakir. He advanced to the second round of eliminations but couldn’t overcome the supercharged Tony Ficher, who ran a 6.605 to Wood’s 6.906.

Aruba’s Jayson Geerman set a new personal best of 6.569 during eliminations, climbing up the Pro Street GOAT List. James Herbert also improved his best time to 6.891 during B Class eliminations.

David Fondon hit a personal best ET with a 6.69 on the HTP Performance Suzuki in qualifying but struggled in eliminations, ultimately losing to Jayson Geerman.

On his journey to the winner’s circle, champion Rodney Williford took out heavy hitters James Waugh, Darion Payne, and Jason Dunigan. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ladder, Mark Rendeluk received a broken bye in round one from Ricky Wood, eliminated his teammate Geerman in round two, and defeated Tony Ficher before facing Williford in the final for a repeat of the season opener.

To beat Rodney Williford, you must cut your best light, but Rendeluk was a bit too eager, turning on the red light and handing Williford the win at the starting line. They say ‘Third time’s a charm.’ Will we see another showdown between these two, or will there be a shake-up at the WPGC 24th Annual WPGC Bike Fest on July 26-28, 2024? Mark your calendars now to find out!

DME Racing Real Street

Winner – David Fondon

Runner-up – David Stewart

The DME Racing Real Street class saw a repeat performance from the season opener. Number one and two qualifiers, David Fondon (7.420) and David Stewart (7.481), carved their way through three rounds of intense competition to meet in the final showdown. Stewart, a former class champion and a consistent competitor, was ready to battle it out.

However, in the final round, Stewart stumbled at the starting line, cutting his worst light of the weekend with a .189 reaction time. In contrast, Fondon delivered his best light of the event, a razor-sharp .006, gaining a crucial starting line advantage. Fondon’s quick reaction proved decisive as he crossed the finish line with a 7.777, while Stewart, despite running a quicker 7.660, couldn’t overcome the early deficit. The upset stings, but all eyes are now on the next event as Fondon extends his points lead, leaving the rest of the class chasing.

MaxxECU Pro Xtreme

Winner – Dale Leeks

Runner-up – Rob Garcia

UK racer Dale Leeks has the MaxxECU Pro Xtreme class on lockdown. After a season-opening win, he secured the number-one qualifying spot with a blistering 4.038. He was set to face class champion Chris Cutsinger in round one but got a bye when Cutsinger couldn’t make the call due to mechanical issues. With another bye lined up for the semi-final, Leeks cruised into the final with ease.

Rob Garcia, who missed the 2023 season, has emerged as Leeks’ fiercest competitor this year. These two heavyweights squared off in the final for the second time this season. Garcia grabbed the starting line advantage with a sharp .147 reaction time, while Leeks lagged with a .089. However, pre-run issues left Garcia’s bike with unsecured clamps, causing a loss of power and handing the win to Leeks, who posted a 4.040 ET.

Keep your eyes peeled because Garcia won’t go down easy at the WPGC 24th Annual WPGC Bike Fest on July 26-28, 2024. This rivalry is far from over!

MaxxECU Pro Xtreme is presented by Billy Vose Racing, Fast by Gast, Dunigan Racing, DME Racing, Grothus Dragbikes, Harley Haul, Rob Bush Motorsports, Robinson Industries, Schnitz Racing, Timblin Chassis, and Worldwide Bearings.

HTP Performance Super Stock

Winner – Jeremy Teasley

Runner-up – Darion Payne

The GOAT is back, and he’s laying waste to the HTP Performance Super Stock class. Jeremy Teasley kicked off the season with a win and hasn’t taken his eye off the prize since. At the Superbike Showdown, he snagged the top qualifying spot with an 8.810 and held onto the power reigns all the way to the final. There, he faced Patrick Cooper, who brought the Suzuki Hayabusa Gen3 to its first-ever HTP Performance Super Stock final.

For years, the Kawasaki ZX-14s have been the untouchable kings of the class, but Cooper came armed with a new Super Stock Camshaft Set from Brock’s Performance, designed specifically for the XDA to make the Gen3 a serious contender and open the door for more riders.

Cooper grabbed the starting line advantage in the final showdown with a .148 reaction time, leaving Teasley’s .172 light trailing. But Teasley’s ZX-14 powerhouse roared to life in the heat, posting an 8.917 on the boards, while Cooper’s performance slipped from his earlier runs, clocking in at 9.184. Teasley secured another win, but the big question now is: are the tides turning? Will we soon witness the rise of the Suzuki’s?

Booted Bulls

Winner – Frankie Stotz / Reddi-Wip

Runner-up – Derek Sobiech / Night Stalker

Booted Bulls points leader Frankie Stotz came out swinging in round one, ruthlessly taking down ‘Minion’ before piloting his beast, Reddi-Wip, to yet another final showdown. This time, his opponent was the ominous ‘Night Stalker’, ridden by Derek Sobiech. Sobiech, a master of surprise, had already added Chris Moore and Alex Moore to his list of victims in the earlier rounds, making him a formidable foe.

But Stotz’s turbocharged GSX-R1000 was primed for battle, refusing to be the next name on Sobiech’s hit list. As the lights dropped, Reddi-Wip roared to life with a fierce snarl from its turbo, and Stotz was gone in a flash. The Night Stalker, despite his cunning, was left in the dust, unable to devise an alternative plan in time.

The victory was decisive, cementing Stotz’s dominance and extending his lead in the points race.

Nitrous Bulls

Winner – Jaques Gaskins / Arm & Hammer

Runner-up – Malcolm Phillips / Strip Tease

Arm & Hammer might be a household name, but Jaques Gaskins is turning it into a name to be feared in the Nitrous Bulls ranks. His Nitrous Hayabusa wiped the floor with ‘Big Dirty’ in round one so thoroughly that rider Antonio Patton might have to rename it ‘Big Clean’. Malcolm Phillips on ‘Strip Tease’ may have been sluggish off the line, but he still managed to power past Jeremy Teasley on ‘American Express’ for a round one win.

In the final showdown, Phillips stepped up his reaction time game, sending his nitrous beast hurtling towards the finish line. But Gaskins was ready to clean up his act too, edging out Phillips in a photo finish that likely lightened the wallets of the gamblers lined up along the fence. Gaskins’ gritty performance left no doubt—he’s a force to be reckoned with in the no-clocks world of Nitrous Bulls.

3 Sixty 5 Monster Bulls

Winner – Crow Teasley / Unhinged

Runner-up – Dany Bernier / Bad Bern

The 3 Sixty 5 Monster Bulls class is a battleground of fierce competition, where only the toughest survive. Crow Teasley, riding ‘Unhinged’, may have only competed in one event in 2023, but he made it count, taking down ‘Son of Sam’ for the win. This past weekend, he unleashed his inner madness again, dispatching ‘Full Coverage’ and ‘Overtime’ on his relentless march to the final.

Waiting for him was Dany Bernier on ‘Bad Bern’, a rider who had clawed his way through the ranks by taking out ‘Made Man,’ ‘Son of Sam,’ and ‘One Trip’. The final showdown was set, and the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. As the lights dropped, both riders blasted off the line, locked in a side-by-side duel that had the crowd on their feet.

In a heart-pounding photo finish, it was Teasley on ‘Unhinged’ who edged out the victory, his win light piercing the darkness. The clash was a testament to the gritty, no-holds-barred spirit of the Monster Bulls class, where the clock might be off, but the stakes are always high. Teasley’s triumph was a stark reminder that in this arena, only the unhinged reign supreme.

Tommie’s Motorsports DMV Bulls

Winner – Dez Cue / Tip-Toe

Runner-up – Nick Hamlett / Miss Behavin

In Tommie’s Motorsports DMV Bulls, Dez Cue stealthily maneuvered around ‘Bounty Hunter’, ‘Monkey Business’, and ‘Moon Knight’ to land himself in his first DMV Bulls final, facing off against ‘Miss Behavin’ ridden by Nick Hamlet.

In the final, ‘Tip-Toe’ Cue grabbed the starting line advantage and surged ahead of Hamlet. But once Cue found his traction, he pulled past Hamlet with a vengeance. Hamlet didn’t let Cue’s stealthy moves go unnoticed, staying right with him in a fierce, side-by-side battle to the finish line. In the end, Cue’s cunning and precision earned him his first win, proving that his tip-toeing tactics can’t be underestimated.

All Motor Bulls

Winner – La Payne / Dark Knight

Runner-up – David Fondon / Bad Bitch

In All Motor Bulls, David Fondon on ‘Bad Bitch’ clawed his way to the final round after dispatching ‘DTBS’ and ‘Da Setup’. Awaiting him was his fiercest rival in the class, La Payne aboard the menacing ‘Dark Knight’. Payne had taken down ‘Da Informant’ and ‘Jinx’ to set up this high-stakes showdown with Fondon.

But this tale was over before it began, as Fondon couldn’t even make it off the starting line. The ‘Dark Knight’ blasted down the track, securing an easy victory and solidifying Payne’s chase to championship. Fondon was left in the dust, a stark reminder that in this ruthless arena, the clock’s off but the pressure is always on.

Vance & Hines 4.60

Winner – Mac McAdams

Runner-up – Jimmy Shifflett

In Vance & Hines 4.60, Kenny Cornell was the lone racer to nail a dead-on 4.60, snagging the top qualifying spot over a fiercely competitive field of thirty-five. With the race condensed, the competition was fierce and focused. As track temperatures soared, so did the intensity. Teammates Mac McAdams and Jimmy Shifflett carved their paths through the class, meeting in a highly anticipated final round.

Shifflett threw down the gauntlet at the starting line with a sharp .046 reaction time against McAdams’ .080. The battle was on, with both racers gunning for the finish line and those coveted bragging rights that would fuel countless late-night debates for years to come. McAdams’ powerhouse bike roared to life, making up for his slower start as he crossed the finish line with a blazing 4.622, edging out Shifflett’s 4.661. It was a race to remember, packed with thrills, spills, and a dash of friendly rivalry!

1 Stop Speed 5.60

Winner – Jimmie Miller

Runner-up – Mark Schwalm

In 1 Stop Speed 5.60, five riders hit a 5.60 in qualifying, but it was Nick Noble who secured the top qualifying spot. However, Noble faced defeat in the third round against Mark Schwalm, who advanced to the final round to face Jimmie Miller. Miller, piloting his reliable Hayabusa, was prepared for the showdown with Schwalm.

Miller’s reaction time of .035 gave him an edge over Schwalm’s .056. This advantage paid off, as Miller crossed the finish line with a 5.641 run, narrowly beating Schwalm’s 5.624. It was a tightly contested race, with Miller clinching victory by a margin of .004 seconds, equivalent to eight inches!

Mickey Thompson Tires Top Sportsman

Winner – Joe Procopio

Runner-up – Jeffrey Santin

The Mickey Thompson Tires Top Sportsman class witnessed a shake-up as Manuel Casillas claimed the number one qualifier spot with a remarkable 7.678 run. Unfortunately, a mechanical issue prevented him from competing in the first round. Class points leader Jeffrey Santin aimed for another victory, making it to the final round yet again. However, Joe Procopio had other plans, delivering one of the closest wins of the night.

Procopio, dialed at 8.05, and Santin, at 8.44, launched from the starting line with nearly identical reaction times of .033 and .037, respectively. Both racers pushed their limits, not lifting until the finish line. Procopio crossed first with an 8.065 run, while Santin followed closely with an 8.460. Procopio clinched the win with a margin of just .009 seconds, equivalent to twenty-three inches!

MPS Racing Pro ET

Winner – Logan Mathias

Runner-up – Robbie Bryant

The MPS Racing Pro ET class showcased fierce competition with one hundred and four racers, demanding six-win lights from the final round contestants before their ultimate showdown. Logan Mathias and Robbie Bryant rose to the top, meeting in a highly anticipated final. In the semi-final, Bryant’s near-perfect .001 reaction time brought him dangerously close to a red light, prompting caution in the final round.

He adjusted, cutting a safer .101 light on his 8.79 dial-in. Mathias seized the starting line advantage with a .063 reaction time on an 8.05 dial-in. The final round turned into a throttle battle to the finish line, where Mathias claimed victory with an 8.126 run, edging out Bryant’s 8.842 for the win.

Brock’s Performance Street ET

Winner – Carl Lacy Jr.

Runner-up – Shayne Proctor

The Brock’s Performance Street ET racers came with a mission to dominate, delivering consistent and impressive runs throughout the competition. Carl Lacy Jr. and Shayne Proctor proved to be unbeatable for six rounds, ultimately facing each other in a thrilling final. Proctor was primed for victory, launching off the line with an exceptional .006 reaction time on his 9.15 dial-in.

Lacy, not far behind, had a solid .052 reaction time and aimed for his 8.97 dial-in. Although Proctor had the starting line advantage, his bike seemed to have exhausted its prowess from the previous six wins, crossing the finish line at 9.206. Lacy, however, executed a perfect run, hitting his target with a dead-on 8.971, securing the well-deserved win.

Hard Times Parts & Service Gambler’s Race

Winner – Jason Samora

Runner-up – Boo Brown

After a grueling five rounds of intense competition, Jason Samora emerged victorious in the Friday Night Hard Times and Service Gambler’s race. Samora faced formidable contenders throughout the event, culminating in a thrilling final round against Boo Brown. The rounds were marked by fierce racing and strategic maneuvers, but Samora’s consistency and skill ultimately secured him the win over Brown. In the final, Samora delivered an impressive package with a .012 reaction time and an 8.646 on an 8.65 dial-in. Brown’s competitive .028 reaction time and 8.175 breakout on an 8.21 dial-in, however, cost him the victory, sealing Samora’s triumph.

The XDA will return to Maryland International Raceway for the 24th annual WPGC Bike Fest on July 26-28, 2024. Over 600 Professional, Sportsman, and Grudge motorcycle racers will compete, battling it out for over $90,000 in cash purses.

Download the Bike Fest Promo Video from Dropbox Below


Visit www.xdaracing.com for event information, class rules, schedule, and more.

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