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  • Welcome to Gear Crushers!

    So what the heck is Gear Crushers all about?  We are about loving more than just offroad or just street or just motorcycles.  We love all of it!  Too many clubs are focused on one thing like Jeeps or Motocross but we like everything.  We believe we can love more than just one focus.  Let's focus on all that is cool and crush them gears.

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    This site is dedicated to anyone who enjoys the sound of an engine, the smell of fuel burning, the adrenaline of tackling challenges while crushing those gears.

    We are not biased towards one type of vehicle, make or model. We can appreciate the passion no matter what you are working on, driving, admiring, polishing, designing.

    Gear Crushers are for those of us that want to break the mold and have one site that has something for everyone since many of our passions can easily cross. An engine or trans or axle or tires etc may work on something else in a completely different group.  Troubleshooting could also be similar.

    I don’t find it fair that we have to choose “exactly” what we have to be on different websites or groups even though our passion may stretch amongst multiple types of vehicles so here you go. Gear Crushers covers anything that runs fuel.  Community driven. Cool logo. Non-biased fun.=

    Enjoy as we keep improving the site!  We are under construction since our site was hacked and destroyed.  We moved to a more solid website and its now also encrypted using an SSL cert so we should have a better shot at keeping up and running.  We also learned to back up the site so nightly backups are happening now.


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    A blog is like a diary and below we share with you some of the latest public blog entries.  All members of Gear Crushers can create a site wide blog or club focused blog entries and if you have permissions (meaning you are a member of the club(s) that have blog entries) you will see them here as an option or just go to the club and check out the blogs they have.

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    1. Cowboy Denny
      Latest Entry

      By Cowboy Denny,

      You know its not always convenient to want salmon.  For example, its now winter time in Michigan with snow on the grill and I just don't feel the energy to go out and try and get that BGE all fired up for something as quick to cook as salmon.  So, whats the alternative?  Cook it in the oven.


      • 12 ounce salmon fillet, cut into 4 pieces
      • Olive oil
      • Coarse-grained salt (I prefer smoked sea salt)
      • Ground lemon pepper


      1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.
      2. Cover salmon with a light coat of olive oil
      3. Season salmon with salt and pepper.
      4. Place salmon, skin side down, on a non-stick baking sheet or in a non-stick pan with an oven-proof handle.
      5. Bake until salmon is cooked through, about 12 to 15 minutes.
    2. Club Support

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      Latest Entry

      By Support,

      This blog is to help any Sliver or higher member on how to create a Club on Gear Crushers (basically anyone who is paying for a subscription has the ability to create a club)

      Let's begin...

      FIRST click on Clubs then click Start a Club



      Once you click on Start a Club you will be presented with a window similar (may not be exact) to the one displayed below


      Name for your club, in the example above the club will be called My New Club

      Privacy of the club you prefer.  Each option gives an explanation under the selection. (no worries, this can be changed later if so desired)

      Description: Pretty straight forward but here you would enter a "brief" description of what your club is all about

      Club Icon: This should be a square format.  As an example the picture below shows some clubs and the circle image attached to each club is the Club Icon


      Location you can (not required) enter an address or just city and state if you don't want anyone to know exact location.

      Category select a category or several categories

      Who can see who is in this club? This is to protect/hide members if you choose to do so.

      Club Rules: This is optional but you can add Club Rules and choose to have club members Acknowledge they read the rules.

      Once you have everything filled out to your liking, click Save to create your new club.


      You club is now created


      You as the Club Owner can add what features you would like to include in your club.  You (the owner) is the only one allowed to do this.  Many of the options include (but are not limited to):

      • Topics (forums, a place to start a discussion point that others can respond and jump into)
      • Calendar (post events for your club which includes the ability to add location, RSVP (if you want that option), make the event a certain time period or entire day, repeatable, etc)
      • Blog (A place to post articles for the club, this is for the Owner, Leader and Moderator of the club only.  Club Members can not post to the Blog.)
      • Files (you can share files between club members)
      • Images (Gallery that club members can post to..  create albums to organize)
      • Adverts (this is your classified ads if you want to give the members the ability to buy/sell things)

      You can add as many of each of these categories as you want.


    3. Talk about Food

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      Cowboy Denny
      Latest Entry

      By Cowboy Denny,

      Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND) Diet

      The foods you should focus on

      • Green leafy vegetables (at least one serving daily) [kale, spinach, and collard greens]
      • All other vegetables (2 or more servings per day)
      • Berries (2 or more servings per week)
      • Nuts (5 or more servings per week)
      • Olive oil (daily)
      • Whole grains (3 or more servings per day)
      • Fish/seafood (1 or more servings per week). [Chose fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines.]
      • Beans (4 or more servings per week)
      • Poultry (2 or more servings per week)
      • Wine (one glass per day, but you can skip it)

      Foods to avoid or limit include:

      • Butter/margarine
      • Cheese
      • Red meat
      • Fried foods
      • Sweets and pastries

      What Are the Benefits?

      Food groups recommended in the diet are a rich source of fiber and packed with several dietary nutrients that have been found to boost brain health. They include:

      • Vitamin E
      • Folate
      • Omega-3 fatty acids
      • Carotenoids
      • Flavonoids


    4. These are some tats that I like and I made up for my dad. So please enjoy them and comment which one you like. :grin:9CB1E65E-F09B-4A8F-8495-383546B49A48.thumb.jpeg.cc6c70e3833791ec1f1cf3d25365be65.jpeg



    5. My wife and I are freezing our asses off in our own home unless I crank the furnace up to 68 degrees which is crazy to think.  I remember as a kid we were never cold in the house but we always had a wood burner in the home (most of the homes it was in the basement).  It would get some warm in the house that windows had to be opened in the home in the middle of winter to let out some of the hot and let in some of the cool weather.

      So now I'm a grown up and freezing my ass off in this home that was built in the 60's I thought of applying the same thought process that worked when I was a kid.  Get a wood burner in the basement.


      I originally wanted to replace the wood stove upstairs that came with the home since it doesn't put out a lot (or really any) heat.  Especially since we spend most of our time in the living room upstairs but when they came out to look at what we have they pointed out that we should stop using it Immediately.


      Apparently whoever put the wood insert in trimmed the outside of it with wood trim which is charred on the back from burning from the heat of the wood stove.  So in short, its about to start on fire like charcoal.  To correct the hearth that is too short, all the wood trim, wood mantle, etc I'm looking close to $10,000 so probably not going to happen.  My thought was to pull it out and put a gas stove/insert in its place so I don't have to do as much work.  The company I talked to said they could pull the stove out for $400 but some serious cost to fix everything.  That will have to be maybe next year.

      Since upstairs is a bust, concentrating on the downstairs which uses the same chimney so its directly below the living room. 


      My thought is it would at least warm the wood floors in the winter and give the impression its warmer.  And we do know that warm air rises so there is a good chance it could heat most of the 1800 sq ft 1960 home on half basement and half crawl (the crawl space is below all the bedrooms)

      I was bouncing back and forth between a Lopi and a Blaze King for manufacturers of wood stove.  My parents has a Lopi wood stove and it was there favorite of all the brands they had but that was a long time ago before they started getting strict with emissions.

      Researching burn times and warranty information the Blaze King on paper is the clear winner so I chose a Blaze King Princess Insert which will get installed on the 23rd of January 2018 (brochure is attached along with manual)




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    If you decide to create your own club on Gear Crushers you control what goes on in there so have fun.


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