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So my wife was on her way to work and went to the ATM at the bank and its unfortunately across the street from a school.  She needs to turn left out of the parking lot to head towards work but a line of cars are blocking her as they are waiting to pull into the school to drop off there kids.

Some nice person decides to let her out and she looks both ways and she starts to pull out and BAM!!  A late 90's Chevy Silverado plows into her.  He was tired of waiting in the left lane of cars so he decided he was going to try and pass them all on the right..  which is where my wife just pulled out into the that lane to get a wake up call.


Luckily both parties walked away from the accident with no scratches or scrapes.  Not sure my wife would of been so lucky in any other vehicle now days with them built so cheap and 90% plastic.

So we tried to find a more affordable vehicle for her but nothing was working so we found one that we couldn't afford and got it for her and she's super happy




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