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RV Pre-Departure Checklist




  • Check all fluids (coolant, electrolyte, hydraulic, oil, power steering, transmission, windshield washer)
  • Check generator oil level
  • Disconnect city water, if applicable
  • Reset coach’s freshwater controls to onboard water, if applicable
  • Fill coach freshwater tank (add a capful of bleach), then stow the hose
  • Using the dump checklist, dump the waste tanks, if applicable
  • Ensure the propane tank is as desired
  • Ensure that all basement doors are closed, latched, and locked
  • Disconnect and stow the coach’s shore power cable
  • Ensure that the refrigerator (in auto mode) has shifted back to propane power
  • Retract the leveling jacks, stow the support blocks, and visually inspect each jack for proper travel stowage position


  • Retract any slideouts and secure for travel
  • Ensure that the windows are securely closed and locked
  • Arrange the blinds and curtains, as desired
  • Ensure that the air conditioner is off
  • Ensure that the furnace is off
  • Secure all drawers and doors
  • Secure all loose objects for travel
  • Turn all lights off
  • Ensure that the overhead vent fan in the bathroom is off and the vent is securely closed
  • Ensure that the oven pilot light is off
  • Ensure that the water heater is off
  • Ensure that the freshwater pressure pump is off
  • Check all tank level indications 
  • Close the main door to retract the powered steps
  • Lock the main door with the deadbolt and the latch lock


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