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How to Start Overlanding by GGG4Runner

Cowboy Denny


This guy does a decent job at helping you get going with overlanding

Some of the non-essential gear and other things I talked about and showed in this video... (these are not sponsored links and are also not affiliate links)


Propane Stove (Camp Chef Everest) https://a.co/d/1y0mpDF

Isobutane Stove (AOTU Portable Backpacking Stove) https://a.co/d/dIqXdr2

Isobutane Canisters (GasOne) https://a.co/d/hPvOHYy

Kettle (Primus 0.9L Kettle) https://a.co/d/7d62CZU

Fry Pan with folding handle (GSI Bugaboo Fry Pan) https://a.co/d/hObeUEX

6 lb Propane Tank (Worthington 6lb aluminum propane tank) https://powertank.com/products/cyl-pp06

Freeze-Dried Meals: Mountain House https://a.co/d/ikZfnO9 Backpacker's Pantry https://a.co/d/iIUazvN


Lifesaver Water Purifier Jerrycan https://a.co/d/f6xVpQF

Scepter Water Jerrycan https://a.co/d/6pBFGxh

GPS Navigation:

GAIA GPS https://www.gaiagps.com/

Website Resources:

National Park Service https://www.nps.gov

US Forest Service https://www.fs.usda.gov

Bureau of Land Management https://www.blm.gov

Satellite Texting Devices:

Garmin In-Reach Mini (newer version than mine) https://a.co/d/1IeXoU8

ZOLEO https://a.co/d/4AjUCZG

Spot X https://a.co/d/2RouowV

Bivy Stick https://a.co/d/iEQCw6d

Somewhere Global Hotspot https://somewearlabs.com/product/outd...

Leave No Trace: https://lnt.org/

Outdoors Dish Soap:

Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap https://a.co/d/enwO5k2

Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash https://a.co/d/9I8Nf39

First Aid (there are alot of great kits out there but here's one or you to check out): https://www.amp-3.net

Fire Extinguisher:

Element Fire Extinguisher https://a.co/d/g6OBlLw

Trash Bucket:

GAMMA2 Vittles Vault https://a.co/d/e4e3oBq

The Fridge I Use:

National Luna 52L Legacy https://www.equipt1.com/collections/n...


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