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Ram 3500 Suspension Upgrade



So I'm one of those guys that likes my cake and eat it to.  So I want the best of all worlds.

What am I working with?

I have a 2013 Ram 3500 Crew Cab with the Cummins Diesel Engine,

What are my goals?

I want everything.. offroad capability and yet this is my daily driver as well as it has to tow the largest and heaviest fifth wheel travel trailer

What have I been looking at?

Really impressed with Diesel Power Products  Nomad build of a Ram 2500.  Looks like I could do the same on my 2013 Ram 3500 but it looks like I would sacrifice the ability to tow our fifth wheel.  Every other year we drive from Flint, MI to Willis, TX for a family reunion pulling this monster 13k pound trailer.  A bit worried I'd loose the ability to pull it.  We all know you can't resell RV trailers.

Any options?

Looking into this.  I have several feelers out.  Looks like I could possibly go half way with maybe a Carli suspension upgrade (not really lifting it at all and keeping the same size tires on the truck)

Will keep you posted.

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This died real quick....

I love the cummins diesel and asin trans combination which was only available on 3500 trucks and heavier duty like 4500 etc.

What I disliked MAJORILY with my 2013 RAM Big Horn was the front suspension.  I had the worst death wobble when I was driving around a bend in the expressway and hit a bump in the road, would start the death wobble so much that I had to slow down alot to get it to stop so I can continue driving.  It's been brought to dealerships several times and no matter what they do they could not stop this from happening which sucks because I loved my 2013 RAM very much.


With the suspension problems and now it starting to rust around the front fender, I sold my 2013 RAM.

So I "thought" the suspension would be fixed in the 2018 model so I ended up purchasing a new 2018 2500 with the Cummins but RAM trans and man what a mistake.  The suspension problems still exist so apparently you can only have RAMs in states with roads with no bumps on corners so probably more southern states.  Definitely not northern states like Michigan where we have to redo our roads every year.  We only have two seasons: winter and construction


I ended up selling the 2018 RAM fairly quickly. It had some electronic issues and no one in the family liked it as much as the 2013.

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